I am not a doctor or medical practitioner, but I know, from personal experience, that the # 1 benefit of living with less, is better health.

Stress does something crazy to your mind and body, so it only seems to reduce stress = better health. If lower prices, products, and responsibilities = less stress, then it is obvious that living with less = better health.

All that being said, health is about more than just stress reduction. Making health care by eating well and exercising daily can prevent illness and disease, or help you recover faster. Keep it simple, and what works for you, but give your body the time and care that it deserves, so you can be strong and healthy enough to take care of the people you love.

To maintain good health, I think you need a combination of practices and other practices. Negative pain with one pill. Anxiety is not stressful with a massage, and health cannot return without looking at the big picture.

Simple 35 Health Tips

  1. Build relationships with the doctors you trust.
  2. Eat fruits and vegetables.
  3. Rest when you are sick or tired.
  4. Treat yourself as you are to everyone else.
  5. Laugh loudly.
  6. Do the things that scare you.
  7. Trust your body.
  8. Use floss.
  9. Weight control.
  10. Drinking water.
  11. Quit smoking.
  12. Please help.
  13. Offer to help.
  14. Think
  15. See your dentist.
  16. Walk barefoot.
  17. Slowly.
  18. Breathe As.
  19. Sit still.
  20. Spend time alone.
  21. Spend time with friends.
  22. Eat No Calories.
  23. Get regular blood tests.
  24. Sleep well.
  25. Drink Tea.
  26. Take it easy.
  27. Grow your own food.
  28. Remove your phone from the car.
  29. Try chia seeds.
  30. Don’t make that decision.
  31. Practice yoga and save the world.
  32. Move on daily.
  33. Read 10 Ways to Improve Your Health.
  34. Cooking your food.
  35. Gratitude.

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