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Caboki Dark Brown 25g - Original




Product Highlights

  1. 100% Original
  2. Country of Origin: United States
  3. Qty: 25g
  4. 100% Natural
  5. Colored hair fibers in Dark brown color
  6. An easy solution to turn hair fuller – hides bald spots and hair thinning areas
  7. Gives a natural effect and stays undamaged under all weather conditions
  8. Hypoallergenic – low risk of allergic reactions
  9. Made for men and women

Caboki Brown Hair Building Fibers is a great way to get the best results for your hair. These hair extensions can be used to cover certain areas and parts of the hair, mixed with hair extensions and incorporated into the primary hair. The micro fibers form a strong bond with the hair, making it appear thicker than ever. Invisible once assembled, these fibers are water, sweat and wind resistant. This product is good for both men and women.

This plant is basically the same type of soil and grows mainly in Mexico. The main reason for choosing this yarn for this purpose is that the overall fiber properties of this yarn are very similar to human hair. Moreover, the fibers found in this plant have a -ve charge, whereas human hair has a +ve charge. When these fibers are incorporated into human hair, they create a natural bond that does not require any additional adhesive or glue for bonding.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 oz
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 8 in


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