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Papaya Syrup For Platelets

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  • It helps to increase platelet count and reduce fever symptoms.
  • The juice from this plant is very effective in fighting the symptoms of dengue fever.




Papaya Syrup For Platelets In Pakistan

Papaya Leaves Syrup For Platelets In Pakistan is An Anti Dengue Syrup. Dengue fever is the leading cause of death and disease worldwide, especially in tropical and subtropical regions, which is of great concern to governments and the World Health Organization (WHO). Medicinal plants have widely treated various vector diseases such as malaria.

Benefits of Papaya Leaves Syrup in Pakistan

  • It helps to increase platelet count and reduce fever symptoms such as body aches, chills, low mood, fatigue and nausea.
  • The juice or pulp made from this plant is very effective in fighting the symptoms of dengue fever.
  • Demand for herbal remedies is growing, as they are generally considered safer, less toxic, and less harmful.
  • Studies show the properties of papaya leaf and show that it has no toxic effect on the body.

Specialists from the Indian Forest Management Institute recently conducted an in-depth study on five patients. The results were impressive. With 24 hours of consuming papaya leaf juice, all subjects reported significant improvement in overall health, reduced side effects, and increased comfort. Most importantly, they did not experience any side effects.

Papaya Syrup For Dengue in Pakistan

After the study was published and the results were announced in the pharmaceutical world and on the Internet, companies began to develop papaya leaf medicines. Papaya helps fight dengue but also has unusual anti-cancer and anti-malarial properties. . A 2010 study found that many enzymes in papaya leaves are known to fight cancer, breast, liver, cervical, pancreatic, and lung cancers.

Papaya Syrup For Dengue

Another amazing thing is that papaya leaves are able to fight off other viral infections, such as the common cold. These amazing natural ingredients can regenerate white blood cells and platelets. Not only that, but it contains more than 50 nutrients that support the immune system, including essential vitamins such as A, C and E.


It helps with all kinds of persistent fever, such as dengue.


Children: 5 ml three times a day
Adults: 10 ml three times a day


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