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Mullein Oil Schwabe - Mullein Oil Price in Pakistan




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  • Ear Drops
  • 20 ml Sealed Bottle
  • For external use
  • Homeopathic Remedy
  • Made in Germany
  • Original
  • Imported


Mullein Oil Schwabe is one of the best oils for treating ear infections and ear infections. Made from the Verbascum plant, Mullein Oil has a long history of its medicinal uses. This moisturizing lotion a quick Comfort. A few drops of warming Mullein Oil gently massaged into the ear before using a hot bath or shower will help to loosen and remove streams of water and other contaminants with less or less uncomfortable. For external use only. If the infection is severe or severe symptoms, a physician should be consulted. Ear treatment; including extended otitis media; belt
cerumen (wax) plugs and respiratory infections. About the ear,hearing loss, tinnitus, hard skin cerumen plug.
Provided for: space use: A wad moistened with this preparation to go placed in the auditory meatus. Internal use: 10 to 15 drops, several times a day. Mullein oil price in pakistan helps to clear the ears sick, whether they are bacterial or fungal. It’s just used for otitis externa and otitis media otitis media. Since ear pain together In children, it is especially important to Keep at home.


Mullein Oil Schwabe

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