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iNNO Delay Condoms

Buy 100% iNNO Delay Condoms In Just 300/= With Free Delivery Across Pakistan.

  • Reduces the risk of pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.
  • No contraceptive means 100% protection against pregnancy or HIV and sexually transmitted infections.




iNNO Delay Condoms

iNNO Delay Condoms For Long-lasting pleasure.

  • Procrastinate and prolong sexual feelings for a long time.
  • Width 53 mm +/- 2 mm length per minute 160 mm.
  • Color: Natural.
  • Shape of soft, parallel-side and tit-finished.
  • Produced and tested.
  • From the United States.

iNNO Delay Condom contain a special lubricant in the condom. This helps to slow down the climax and prolong sexual arousal for a long time. Creating lasting love, Body temperature after the condom is rolled onto the penis so that the male genitals are desensitized with no loss of sensation for the partner.
Shape of soft, parallel-side and tit-finished type painted. Condoms for large sensitivity pack- 12 square foil condoms.

A box-package ** Package design specifically for TAIWAN, which Contains English and Chinese branding Packing. In the N.O.O. They are natural rubber coated condoms.
Made and tested above stringent standards

  • Condoms help reduce the risk of HIV transmission
  • AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)
  • Although contraception does not guarantee 100% effectiveness.
  • The use of latex condoms outside of vaginal intercourse may increase.
  • Possible damage to the condom.


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